Optical Allusion

Four overlapping squares in shades of orange, the smallest in the center.

Through March 13, 2022 | Side Balcony Gallery

As we've been caught up in a time when we spent much of the previous year on-screen, Optical Allusion provides the opportunity to finally encounter a world of visual art in-person. Optical Allusion is an opportunity for viewers to expose themselves to a world of color, featuring seven works of art hand selected from the Tweed’s vault. These works range from collages to silkscreen prints. Each piece promises to provide a particular sensory response, and all the work contributes a new encounter with an optical world beyond the computer screen. Optical Allusion is a particular, in-person experience centered on photoworthy works of art. Come and explore this visual selection from the Tweed Museum of Art and marvel at the expanding visual world it presents. Optical Allusion gives a glimpse into our changing visual landscape and the experiences we can still have off-screen and in the gallery.