Tweed is a collecting and teaching museum, that creates innovative exhibitions and programs in the visual arts that reflect the cultures, histories, and aspirations of people from all over the world. The Tweed Museum of Art has a global collection of more than ten thousand objects spanning eight centuries. Diverse media, such as paintings, photographs, ceramics, prints, cultural objects, and sculpture form the core collections, with digital prints, textiles, and animation and computer media broadening the scope of work. The Museum and its initial collection began with the nineteenth Century European and American artworks collected by George P. Tweed and given to the Tweed by his widow, Alice Tweed Tuohy. The collection’s strengths are nineteenth Century French Barbizon art, American art, drawings and prints, photographs, and contemporary Native and Indigenous art. Today the collections have grown to be global and diverse, in large part due to significant acquisition funds that allow the Tweed to remain relevant to its communities.

On View

Red Tree by Eric Lewiston
large white graphic hour glass with colored circles in top half and a figure with an umbrella in the bottom half
ceramic vase form with illustrated people and other motifs
Intricate basket form woven with natural materials in red and light wood colors
painting of two women on a dirt road surrounded by grass and trees
two glass cylindrical vessels with a black and white design on the interior surface
colorful mural inside the Tweed's elevator with nature motifs
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