Doors of Perception: Printmakers on Language

Language is a means of connection, we use it to communicate with each other and to translate our perceptions of the world around us. There are endless ways this can manifest: through written words, to those that are spoken, from visual signs to those that are moved through the body, from music, to poetry, to art, and any combination therein. It is a line between reality and our inward eye that doesn’t always run straight.

This exhibition presents four printmakers from the permanent collection of the Tweed Museum of Art. Their artwork attempts to create connections between the language of words and the visual language of line, shape, and color. Richard Anuszkiewicz uses repetition of forms in his striking folio of serigraphs that mimics the cadence of William Blake’s accompanying verse. John Christie also employs the serigraph technique but towards the delicate interplay of translated love poems. Ukrainian artist Boris Margo showcases his pioneering technique of cellocut in a surrealist take on the months of the year and Suzanne McClelland ruminates with lithography on a single word.