Gashkibidaaganag: A Selection of Bandolier Bags

bandolier bag by Native American artist Melvin Losh with woodland motifs and yellow dragonfly
Melvin Losh (Leech Lake Ojibwe, b. 1946). Bandolier Bag #28. Hand-stitched beads on cloth and felt. Collection of the Tweed Museum of Art, UMD. Marguerite L. Gilmore Charitable Foundation Fund. Photo Courtesy of Steven "Tigg" Tiggemann. © Melvin Losh.

Nelson Display Case

Gashkibidaaganag, or bandolier bags, are ornately beaded bags originating from Native artists around the Great Lakes region in the mid-19th century, worn primarily by men. Today, beadwork artists continue to make gashkibidaaganag for all people to wear at powwows and other special events. This display highlights bandolier bags from the Tweed collection and the Duluth Children’s Museum.