Duluth to China During COVID-19

Duluth to China During COVID-19

Yijin Chen and Hanyu Zhang

The video was filmed in March and early April of this year, and recorded Yijin's and my journey back to China due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This journey is a very unique experience. 

Yijin and I lived in different cities, and we wanted to document what our cities were like under the epidemic, so we decided to make it an interactive video. We believe this approach will make the whole video more interesting and engaging.

The work was made and posted on the popular Chinese website Bilibili. This is a site where you can not only post your own videos, but also create interactive videos. Plus, it's best known for making comments while watching a video, and then your comments will cross over the screen.

Since the interactive video is not convenient to display in the museum now, we made a screen recording to record the selection of each option and present it to everyone.

view of the museum's gallery showing the projection of a hotel room and two black chairs
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